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Calm Sea


A safe space to explore what it means to be *you*

I am experienced in working with the following themes in Counselling & Psychotherapy:

Unmasking - Boundary Setting - Self Exploration - ADHD and AuDHD coaching - Autism coaching - Binge eating - Obsession - Dissociation - Somatic difficulties - Health,diet and wellness and lifestyle coaching - Dealing with Compulsive tendancies - CPTSD and PTSD - Anxiety and Depression-Co-dependence -Family Struggles - Friendship & Relationship Difficulties - Problems with intimacy -Extreme Highs and Lows - Lack of Purpose & Direction - Spiritual Experiences, Emergency & Crisis-Kundalini Awakening - Night terrors/Nightmares/ Recurring Dreams - Somatic (body) Pain & Sensation - LGBTQ+ Community - Sex & Sexuality exploration-Gender exploration - Poly identification - Kink/BDSM lifestyles -Sex Work- Alternative Lifestyles- Loss of income - Loss of libido -Loss of relationship - Bereavement- Loss - Neglectful upbringing -Emotional Abuse-Physical Abuse - Spritual Abuse - Sexual Abuse - Rape - Post Natal Depression- Adultery -Preverbal Trauma - Significant Life Circumstances -Dealing with Abortion -Addictive behaviours (Porn, Sex, Gambling, Food, Alcohol, Drugs) - OCD -Working alongside the twelve steps & recovery in the following fellowships AA NA OA Coda Al-Anon UA

I help my Clients develop new attitudes where required to help deal with life’s most complex matters. Schedule an appointment today and see what YOU can do for you.


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