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Welcome to PsychoSpiritual Therapy Online

Hi there, Im glad you stopped by! Please come in, pull up a chair and I would like to invite you to relax in the knowledge that you are in a safe space here.

My name is Samantha and I offer short term to long term and open ended therapy sessions online so that my clients can access the type of therapy that suits them wherever they are in the world. By seeing their therapist online my clients are able to fit therapy in to their busy lifestyles whatever they are up to and wherever they are in the world.

What brings you to Psychospiritual therapy online? Maybe you have never seen a therapist before, but you realise there are things that you are looking to discuss in a safe, reliable space with a trained professional. Maybe you have been in a type of therapy before such as CBT as part of the IAPT service with the NHS, or perhaps you saw a counsellor at school many years prior. Perhaps you saw a counsellor or psychotherapist in recent years but it didn't feel quite right?

Whether you have had an experience of seeing a therapist before or not it may be that you realise now is the right time to get started on meeting the you within. By working psychotherapeutically on ourselves we begin to look at the parts of ourselves that feel outdated or tiring. We can choose to undo the learnt conditioning and mechanisms that kept us safe in the past and that now no longer serve us. We can look at the decisions we have felt that we have had to make in order to survive only to realise that now we have a choice on how we live our life. We may start to realise that it is only our own expectations holding us back, not the other people in our life who we thought it was.

As a transpersonal psychotherapist I offer a compassionate safe space in which you are able to explore all parts of yourself on a journey towards wholeness. I utilise creative visualisation techniques to invite you to work with the mind and body to understand your personal direction in life from the person who knows best; YOU.

I wish you all the very best in all you do and I very much look forward to welcoming you into your own personal online therapy room soon

Until we meet again,


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