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  My name is Sammy and I am an intuitive, dynamic, warm and caring Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist. I have undertaken a program of PGDip training which takes place over 6 years in West London.


I have worked for 20 years in the fast paced industry of Film, TV and Advertising and have seen the effects of external life stressors on our inner world from many perspectives. This has given me an informed understanding of the varieties of needs each individual may throughout their life. Each of us is unique and multifaceted and this is why I work with an integrative framework of approaches to bring together an individual clinical treatment program for each of my clients. 


Modalities informing my work include Psychodynamic theory, Analytical and Depth psychology, Humanistic psychology, Existential psychology, Gestalt, Trauma theory and Transpersonal spiritual values.


This brings together the psychological and the spiritual for you to find ways to begin reaching for your full potential into cultivating a more authentic and fulfilling way of living for yourself.


We will work together to find the means of healing, expressing, meaning and validation that you deserve.


Since 2015 I have had the honour of working with a wide scope of individuals remotely all over the world, across all ages, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, faiths, beliefs and life approaches. Each dealing with circumstances that are deeply unique to them.

This may be the first time that you are ready to open up about your life experiences to another person and do not know what to expect. Perhaps those you have opened up to have not been supportive. Therapy is a way to grow past negative experiences. This deepens resilience and helps you to begin making life choices that reflect your true inner needs to a higher degree in ways that may not be clear right now.

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We help specialise in working with sensitive souls, HSP people, ADHD and/or Autistic, people & those experiencing addiction, compulsion, obsession, abuse, phobias, OCD, Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, HEDs, POTs to celebrate their authenticity.


To enable you to live your best, most healthy and fulfilling life in the way that you want and truly deserve.


People come to see a Psychotherapist for a range of different reasons. Perhaps there has been a significant change in your life to do with your situation by means of your work, family or perhaps you would like something to change and are unsure how to go about it. In our sessions we would work together to look at patterns in your history as well as the present day. There is no right or wrong reason to come to therapy. If you would like to talk about something that perhaps you are unable to in your daily life then opening up to a therapist can bring fresh air to a difficult ongoing situation and can provide new perspectives to old problems. Therapy is a way to get to know the various aspects of the self.

I am trained in integrative transpersonal psychotherapy which means that I work across a wide range of modalities including Freudian Psychodynamic, Jungian Depth Psychology, Humanistic Person Centred and Existential psychology. I specialise in Transpersonal Psychotherapy which is a term that describes working through the self to develop ourselves to suit our individual soul nature. After all, there is no one who is better at being yourself that you are.

I work in a range of different ways which can include working with Gestalt techniques, Dreamwork, Active Imagination/ Visualisations/ Guided meditations and the incorporation of music, writing, sandtray and artistic materials in to our sessions where appropriate.


‘The unconscious desires outward manifestation’


There are so many ways to connect with the different parts of self and in therapy with PST, you will find out who you are, what you want in life and how you are going to get it.


We provide a free 10-15 minute telephone assessment to introduce the service and to hear about what brings you to therapy and arrange our first session together.


Following the first session we can see how our Coaching, Counselling and Therapy sessions might be helpful for you.

Each 50 minute session is weekly and takes places on Google meet, Zoom or WhatsApp as voice, video or a messaging service .

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Offering a safe and accepting space for you to express yourself and to explore new ways of being

Transpersonal Psychotherapy views that we each have a soul; like a diamond shining brightly within us but over time impressions can leave us out of touch with who we are or what we want. Therapy is a way of cleaning and polishing the diamond so that we can allow ourselves to shine brightly as we were truly meant to.


I have over 10 years face to face and online clinical client experience and I have completed a one year foundation and a four year post graduate (PGDip) Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy training pathway.

Previously I have spent time working at the following organisations in a therapeutic capacity: FreshStart Psychotherapy in Marylebone, Help in Notting Hill, The Caravan in Piccadilly Circus, Mind in Enfield, The Priory in Roehampton in the Addiction Treatment Programme (ATP) and Eating Disorder Unit (EDU) and Westminster Arts working with individuals and their families affected by dementia.

Within everyone lies a place of inner calm, tranquility and inspiration regardless of what difficulties are on the surface. 


Contact me today and let me help you unearth the best of yourself.

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